Office Building 3.605 m² Leuna | DE Confidential Concept 2018

The project was part of a competition organized by a polymer based products manufacturer. The company wanted to build a new office building and innovation center, that stimulates sharing and communication, and that reflects the values of the company: transparency, innovation and sustainability.

Our proposal introduced a new type of landscape, different from the existing industrial context. The public space is designed as a green amphitheater, converging towards the building and drawing people to it. In turn, the building absorbs the users, dispensing them around a central core which contains the laboratories and research and development facilities.

Innovation occurs at the boundary between different entities, spaces and users, thus, although apparently rigid, the central core dissipates increasingly into the mass of the building, as the limits between spaces become more and more blurry and the interactions between users become more and more complex.

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